Our mission is to connect African women and girls with information that enables them to access and fully enjoy their rights.

Media Matters for Women is at the forefront of harnessing the potential of mobile phones to address the unmet information needs of women and girls in rural Africa. 

Our local female journalists report regularly and professionally on issues relevant to the lives of rural women and girls, and we distribute their podcasts in multiple languages via mobile phones in innovative ways. 

Our listeners learn so much from our programs — about human rights, Ebola, gender-based violence, teen pregnancy, girls’ education, participatory democracy, human trafficking, and income generation — and give us powerful examples of how this knowledge has positively shaped their choices.

By leveraging mobile technology to provide high-quality audio  programming to women and girls in remote areas, we will:

·  Change the way women and girls receive, share, and use information.

·  Increase their awareness of human rights, among other topics. 

·  Foster female journalism capabilities.

·  Challenge Africa’s public service broadcasters to raise their standards 

Our successful projects in Sierra Leone and DRC have demonstrated a new kind of information network that is inexpensive to build and maintain, especially in comparison to radio. 

We are grateful to our donors and supporters who recognize the importance of what we do, including the Oak Foundation, Indigo Trust, African Women’s Development Fund, Millicom Foundation and Amplify Change.