Media Matters for Women is at the forefront of harnessing Bluetooth technology to address the unmet information needs of women and girls in rural Africa. Our mission is to use mobile phones to connect African women and girls with information that enables them to access and fully enjoy their rights.

Our local female journalists report regularly and professionally on issues relevant to the lives of rural women and girls, and we distribute their programs via mobile phones. We increase awareness on issues such as gender-based violence, health issues, family planning, and economic empowerment.

Our successful projects in Sierra Leone and DRC have demonstrated a new kind of information network that is inexpensive to build and maintain, especially in comparison to radio. 

We are grateful to our donors and supporters who recognise the importance of what we do including: Oak Foundation, Indigo Trust, African Women’s Development Fund, Millicom Foundation and Amplify Change.

Our work has received international attention from the United Nations.  In 2015 our senior journalist Alinah Kallon was brought by UNESCO-UN Women to Paris to describe our work at their annual meeting on women's empowerment and technology.  Alinah travelled during height of the Ebola crisis and spoke at this high level UN conference on how Media Matters for Women has proven our concept for delivering reliable news and information to those in the "last mile," living beyond the reach of electricity, roads, and Internet.