Media Matters for Women has been working in Sierra Leone since 2013.  We develop innovative communication projects delivering life-changing information to thousands of women and girls every week. 

We deliver our high quality projects through our sister organisation, Media Matters for Women - Sierra Leone which is growing steadily into a strong voice for women in the global South.

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Our projects support a small team of highly dedicated female journalists, community promoters, and project coordinators who together ensure that our weekly podcasts are produced, distributed, and shared widely to our target audiences.

Currently we have an estimated 10,000 women and girls regularly hearing our podcasts every week.

These audio podcasts are broadcast at local listening centres that we manage through our community promoters in and around towns such as Kenema, Makeni, and Waterloo located in three different provinces. 

Our podcasts are also shared peer to peer via Bluetooth mobile phone kiosks and through community radio stations to further expand the reach. On average each Bluetooth-exchanged podcast is played or shared five times with other peers.

An external evaluation in July 2017 found that women and girls were eager to use our information services and most of our listeners were able to recount information they learned and offer specific examples of how this knowledge has helped them. 

We have improved understanding of human rights, gender-based violence, teenage pregnancy, importance of education, participatory democracy, health issues, income generation and other issues relevant to their lives.