Our innovative communication networks leapfrog radio broadcasting and have the potential to transform the African media landscape, benefitting the millions of people living in Africa’s rural areas.

Through our peer-to-peer networks, women and girls can share information, learn from each other, entertain each other, hear crucial messages, and join in a movement that begins in their village and extends across their region.

We employ and support local female journalists to produce original audio content in professional podcast format in multiple languages, and deliver these weekly podcasts to listeners in several innovative ways:

  • Solar powered listening centres – public broadcasts in local community ante-natal care centres, skills training institutes, girls’ secondary schools, hospital waiting rooms, community centres and markets;
  • Mobile to mobile – sharing podcasts using Bluetooth;
  • Missed call approach – receiving a free call back broadcast after ringing a hotline number.

Each journalist is provided with her own low cost mobile production unit that she can use in her car in remote areas to create her weekly programmes.

We also recruit and train community promoters to work with our journalists in establishing listening centres where they broadcast these weekly podcasts using solar powered speakers.

Our listening centres are located in community centres and other places where women and girls can easily gather. Our most popular sites are in youth drop-in centers and hospital waiting rooms. 

Our community promoters encourage listeners to transfer the weekly podcasts onto their mobile phones to listen to later and to share with others. Our listeners value their membership in our network and audience appreciation of our original content is very high.