The Challenge

What if Africa’s most rural communities, those located beyond paved roads and electricity, could be invited into the global conversation? 

We work in some of the toughest-to-reach communities on the planet:  rural villages in Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

By harnessing free file-sharing on mobile phones, our innovative media replicates what already happens in Africa’s music-sharing culture — but instead of music, we deliver crucial information to women and girls. 


What we do


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Our Vision

Our vision is to build innovative, nationwide information networks where rural women and girls can hear timely messages, learn from each other, and become part of a movement that begins in their village and extends across their country.



Where we work

We work with local partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone.  We are ready to roll out our innovative concept throughout the Great Lakes Region of East Africa and the Mano River Region of West Africa.