Media Matters for Women started working in DRC in 2016 in partnership with Julienne Lusenge, a globally celebrated women’s rights activist.  She received the French Legion of Honour and Amnesty International’s Ginetta Sagan Award.  Most recently she won the 2018 International Women's Rights Award. 

 Julienne Lusenge, Founder of Congolese Women's Fund and SOFEPADI, and Executive Producer of  Wamama Tujenge .

Julienne Lusenge, Founder of Congolese Women's Fund and SOFEPADI, and Executive Producer of Wamama Tujenge.

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Julienne has briefed the United Nations Security Council twice on the situation in DRC on behalf of civil society.

Media Matters for Women received a grant from Millicom Foundation to create Julienne's podcast Wamama Tujenge (Women Building Peace) which features the women change makers in the DRC.  These include women from the village to the judiciary who are building solutions across the Great Lakes Region.

Julienne's Wamama Tujenge podcast was broadcast for the first time on a DRC community radio network last November, and reached more than 700,000 listeners across the country.

Listen to Julienne Lusenge on our SoundCloud channel below. 

Our MMW-DRC journalists distribute Wamama Tujenge podcasts to local listening centres they establish in their regions.  The Wamama Tujenge podcasts can be stored on mobile phones and are easily and freely shared via Bluetooth transfer, creating a “peer-to-peer” public service broadcasting network. 

Our MMW-DRC ournalists will begin producing the Wamama Tujenge podcast on their own, addressing local women’s issues using Mobile Production Units similar to those used by our journalists in Sierra Leone. 

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By adapting our proven production and distribution methods from our West Africa operations in the Great Lakes Region, we hope to transform how women and girls in rural areas of East Africa receive, use, and share information so that they can know and fully enjoy their rights.